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Ashwini Kalsekar is a celebrated Kathak artist, choreographer and dance teacher from London. With a Master’s degree in Kathak, her professional career spans over 15 years. Ashwini is renowned for her expressions, grace & footwork. She has professionally choreographed for dance, musicals and film. Ashwini has choreographed on a range of exceptional concepts leading to vibrant displays. She teaches Kathak to aspiring dancers and is appointed as a tutor at Dance Xchange’s Yuvaa Gaati program of advanced dance training.

Ashwini aspires to choreograph a professional show length performance.

Professional Experience

Ashwini’s choreographies are recognized for its authentic Kathak style, exceptional concepts and vibrancy. She has explored a range of concepts from poetry of the renowned Pt Rabindranath Tagore, to material concept of global warming. Her professional choreographies are listed below:

  • Krishna Madhuri (2015) portrayed 9 human emotions (Nava Rasa) with Krishna at the epicenter. The production went live in India in which Ashwini performed.
  • Ashwini’s recent professional choreography is a musical ‘Krishna Priya’; produced by the legendary Anup Jalota. It is touring in India since 2014. It depicts Meera’s journey from a princess to a canoness.
  • Arghya (2012) was choreographed and performed at Cardiff for the inauguration of a European-Indian event. The concept was ‘auspicious’ and hence depicted 4 divine characters in 4 different ragas and taal.
  • Ajintha (2012) was an Indo-British film based on a true love story of Major Robert Gill and a tribal Indian girl. Ashwini choreographed two songs of the film. The film was exhibited in London in private audiences.

Professional projects in London

  • In 2014, Ashwini choreographed and performed her own solo - the ‘the Story of Shiva’ which was a project funded by Heritage Lottery. The project was awarded to Kala Kunj, Reading and comprised of 5 dancers of different Indian classical styles.
  • Ashwini was a part of the ‘Big Bed Dance’ project of Arts Council of England in 2010 through Akademi. She was one of the choreographers and dace teachers for pediatric patients in London hospitals.
  • Ashwini choreographed her own solo performance for Heritage Lottery funded project (Asian Music Trail) in 2008. The performance at V&A Museum was organized through PRSSV.

Dance Teaching Experience

  • Ashwini is a Kathak tutor for the Yuva Gaati program of Dance Xchage, Birmingham for 2016/17. The program hones selected young talent in Indian classical dance styles. 
  • Ashwini conducts dance training at Harrow Arts Center and Hounslow Community Center in London from 2010.
  • Ashwini was a replacement Kathak dance teacher at Swaminarayan Hindu School, Neasden in 2007. 
  • Ashwini was a Kathak tutor at PRSSV from 2007 -2010. 

Details of Kathak Training

M.A. Kathak with distinction, Pune University, India (2001).

Ashwini received her initial Kathak tutelage from her mother and Guru Smt. Rekha Nadgauda, a renowned Kathak exponent. Ashwini completed her Master’s with distinction under the able guidance of Pt Shama Bhate.

During her Kathak studies, Ashwini was awarded following prestigious scholarships of Government of India:

  1. Center for Cultural Resources & Training (CCRT), from 1984 to 1996
  2. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dpt. of Culture from 1997 to 1999

Ashwini has honed her skills through workshops conducted by maestros, as below:

  • Dance: Pt Birju Maharaj, late Pt Smt Rohini Bhate, late Pt Natraj Gopikrishna and late Pt Kelucharan Mahapatra
  • Music: Pt Suresh Talwalkar, Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar